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Teresa's Year In Review 2007

HAPPY 2008 EVERYONE!  Usually I try to get my year in review up before the actual New Year (2004, 2005, 2006), but I didn't get around to it until now.  Anyway, this past year has been wonderful, emotionally draining, scary, fun, inspiring, and certainly not boring.  Here you go:

Holidays heighten everything.  Everyone uses holidays like New Years' Eve to make everything seem bigger than it actually is.  Then again, perhaps not.  Perhaps everything is that big, and holidays are the times we allow ourselves to digest it.  All the love, pain, happiness, loss, all of it distilled into days of rememberance, commemoration, celebration....And tomorrow, I will begin anew.  This is something we all do every year, but from where I sit now I think that 2007 will be seeing a stronger, more resilient, more open, and hopefully more human version of me.
- My LiveJournal, 1/1/07, 12:15AM
I think this is one of my favorite posts. Anyway, it's that time of year again. I've already amazed myself with the year I've had by doing that 2007 survey. But this is the one, the only, the official...Teresa's Year In Review 2007!
 **Started the year alone, and it was an extremely powerful, much-needed evening to myself.
**Robyn was a housemate in the Revolving Door Commune for Itinerant Artists. It was great to have the opportunity to get so much closer to her. Discovered we have more in common than I ever imagined! It was a lot of fun living with her, too, though there were some issues...oh and that crazy cat...
**Performed in the staged reading of the first draft of the one-act Adam wrote for Stone Soup that would later become The Maguffin. My one and only involvement with the play. Ended up turning down a role in the final production due to creative differences. It was the first time I'd ever done something like that, but I did it for reasons that were right for me. The only thing I regretted was not being a part of Adam's first solo project with Stone Soup.
**Began acting as producer on two large projects. A new musical called Emergency Contraception!: The Musical for Sara Cooper, and a staged reading in Lansing, MI of a new play by Adam called Abandon All Shame, Ye Who Enter Here...
**MY MONTH-LONG TRIP TO EUROPE! Several days in Paris, then a week in Bergerac, a week in Lyon, a week in Nantes, and a week in Barcelona. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had, or how much this trip meant to me. I got to spend quality time with amazing friends, I got to really delve into a country and get to know it, meeting some wonderful natives,  I got to enjoy better food than I'd ever had before, and I got to spend time on a continent where men seem to want to come out of the woodwork for me. Seriously, I had a stalker on the streets of Paris, a guy trying to get with me in Lyon (turned out to be a bit of a douche, and was way too fond of ABBA's "Fernando"), and a Before Sunrise-esque experience in a park in Barcelona. I turned more heads in Europe than I ever do here. I need to move. :) Thank you Adam, Lindt, and Ruth for showing me a great time!
A moment in Barcelona:
Adam, Ruth, and I playing poker. Adam bets. Ruth and I call. Then I say to Adam: ¨Wow.  So that's like the first time two girls have ever called you, huh?¨
Yep. Still funny. :)
 **Robin became a Manhattanite, and I went to her housewarming party. I was very happy that she would be living so close!
**28th consecutive Valentine's Day without a date
 ** Stone Soup St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser. Fun, but not nearly as successful as last year’s. Though I fell in love with Scott’s new song for The Maguffin!
** Started Weight Watchers. Began a complete change in my attitude toward food
 ** Started taking Arabic lessons. My teacher was really nice, and I started to pick up a smidgen, but I had to stop because 1) I didn’t have time for lessons, and 2) he wasn’t exchanging Arabic for English help, he was trading Arabic lessons for me basically writing his graduate school writing assignments, and I didn’t have time for that, either.
** The one-year anniversary of my mother’s death
** Saw Stone Soup’s production of Stone and The Maguffin. GREAT evening of theater. I was very impressed with the actors that were new to the company…it was strange not being in the show, though.  Still, I managed to catch it about three times! J
** First rehearsal for Emergency Contraception!: The Musical. I fell in love with the show after hearing it read aloud! And I wasn’t acting in it at this point…
** I was the Jack Bauer of home emergencies as I talked Robyn through a boiler emergency over the phone: Do you see the button?  DO YOU SEE THE BUTTON?!  Can you find the switch behind the metal plate?  CAN YOU FIND THE SWITCH?! 
** Jean’s baby shower. It’s amazing how glowy and amazing that woman looks pregnant. She looks better preggers than I look most of the dang time! Anyway, it was a nice party, and a bit surreal for the rest of us in the crew. We were all like, woah, we’re having a baby. J Followed by dinner for Katie’s birthday.
** Robyn moved out of our house. :(
 ** started the month feeling like I was drowning in estrogen! All-female housemates, all-female workplace…It really kind of drove me crazy for a while. Not that I don’t love my girls, but the balance was off, and it didn’t feel right to me. It was all the more frustrating when everyone else seemed to like it better that way.
** became a contributing writer (or “Lady Raygunner”) for a lovely website called PinkRaygun.com. It doesn’t pay, but I DO get a free t-shirt as well as clips for a portfolio! J Also, I get to write about two topics about which I’m extremely passionate women’s issues/feminism and geekiness. The editor, Lisa, seems really cool, too, and I would love to meet her in person someday.
** Charlotte Isabelle is born! Our tribe has a new baby! J (I love how we’ve co-opted her, Jean!) Very, very happy about it.
** Scarlett, my dog since I was 16, comes to live with me when my dad goes into the hospital. What I thought, at first, would be an inconvenience ended up being something really therapeutic for me. I really needed something to care for at this point, so Scarlett came to me at exactly the right time.
** Staged reading of Emergency Contraception!: The Musical. It is very successful, and the audience that came loved the show. However, we realized we needed a new leading lady…Oh, and I ended up being given the role of Pam/Sister Peter in the show after one of our actresses had to drop out. So now, I was producer and actor in the project!
** Granta reading in BK featuring Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss. Realized that at this point, I enjoy Nicole’s work a bit more than Jonathan’s. Asked her a question in the Q&A afterwards, and not him, much to his seeming surprise. Heh.
** I participate in Courtney’s first “Ass-tro Hour with Sister Mary Manhattan” at Stain in BK. It is my first reading, and I read a story I’d written specifically for the occasion about my experiences with ghosts.
** my father officially goes into assisted living
** the amazing, brilliant, spectacular Season 3 finale of Lost. Flash-forward, what?!
 ** the Abbey Road on the River Festival in Scranton with Liz#2, her mom, and Katie Boone. 15 hours of non-stop Beatles music on three stages. It was so much fun! And The Sheatles were born! J
** Katie's bachelorette weekend! A really fun weekend out in the Hamptons with Katie, Robin, Liz, Sara, and Elizabeth B. The weekend included getting into a fight with elderly people in a fancy French bistro, getting annoyed by underage drinkers at an OC-like beach club, getting lost on dark roads, and dancing ourselves silly at a club/Chinese restaurant.
** Katie's bridal shower. A really lovely, simple party on the beach. So surreal being at yet another friend's bridal shower.
** My review of Buffy: Season Eight on Pink Raygun was linked to by Whedonesque (a popular Joss Whedon blog). That made me happy. It's also a strange thing to have people you don't even know read your writing and comment on it.
** a night of Jameson's, punching, spanking, biting, and cutting. What was drunken, frivolous fun for my housemates ended up being really important to me.
** Scarlett passed away. At least she had a good couple of weeks living in a spacious house with lots of people who liked her - and one who loved her. She is missed. Thanks to Adam, she didn't have to be treated like garbage.
** Robin's birthday party, which ended up being an excuse for me to flog and/or paddle 30 some-odd people. That was a fun, pornography-fueled day. :)
 ** Jumped on board to help produce a production of "Turn of the Screw" with Door-to-Door Drama in the hopes of being their paid producer for a tour in the future. As of now, though I don't have those hopes anymore.
** had my interview to work with Mistress Jasmine. Was hired, but never worked there, as I couldn't devote the nights they needed for months because of my theater commitments. It's just as well, since I'm not an enthusiastic enough domme to make a career out of it. I don't mind it just being a hobby. :)
** Adam and I decided to cancel the Abandon all Shame... reading that we'd been planning for months. It was a necessary decision, but it was a bit hard for me to take. It made me doubt myself a lot. It also meant that I wouldn't get to visit Michigan, which I really wanted to do.
** my early birthday party - It was totally awesome that Robin, Liz, Alex, Adam, Liz#2, Robyn, and Randi were there to help me celebrate! Sushi dinner followed by debauchery at my house. It was nice, but it felt a bit off to me somehow. Like no one really wanted to be there...not even me. It was weird.
** karaoke make-outs at Crescent Lounge. Oh, red-head math teacher, Zach. :)
** spent my actual 28th birthday putting in volunteer hours for Stone Soup, then seeing the new Harry Potter movie with Liz#2 and Adam.
** much running around getting my dress and shoes together for Katie's wedding!
** Katie and Aaron's Wedding!! It was so much fun! So fun, in fact, that it gave Liz a hernia! :) Seriously, it was like a rock concert. Everyone - young and old alike - was on the dance floor all night! I sang "Black Velvet", Robin sang "At Last", and Aaron rocked some Dave Matthews Band on his electric violin. On a personal note, I did some flirting with my groomsman, Cesar, and looked awesome in my bridesmaid dress! Oh, and I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yes, at the wedding. What?
** Fiona Apple/Nickel Creek Concert! So great...Fiona Apple and bluegrass are a match made in heaven!

** THE WEDDING WE NEVER THOUGHT WOULD HAPPEN!  :)  Liz and Alex finally got married after 9 years of courtship.  I have to say, this was the happiest I've ever been at a wedding for that reason.  They already seemed like they were destined to be together from the time I first met them, and this ceremony just cemented something that already existed.  It couldn't happen to two better people.  :)  I loved the low-keyness of their wedding too.  And the fact that Liz wore a beautiful red dress instead of a white one.  Cause seriously, who are we trying to fool?  ;)
** the prank war was a bad thing. A really bad thing. When asked to deal with rice, one of my biggest regrets this year is not having said no. Things are settled, thank goodness, but it changed everything, and not entirely for the better.
** Traygala. WTF? And did Taylor ever call? No.

** My brother became "worried" about me when he stumbled across my blog and read certain things of which he did not approve. I proceeded to write a manifesto to both him and my sister informing them of my values, beliefs, activities. I wanted them to have a clearer picture of who I am. This inspired a couple of days of hostility, but my siblings are wonderful people who love me very much, and I love them. Everything is cool now, and I know that they will always care about me even if they don't always agree with me.
 ** My newest niece, Hannah Marie, is born to my brother and sister-in-law! She looks like me as a baby. No, really.
** Began an as-yet-unsuccessful job search for something that pays more and offers benefits. 
** Emergency Contraception!: The Musical opens! It enjoys a fairly successful month-long run at Theater for the New City, and I officially have a completed producer credit on my resume. :) The cast and crew were all great people and lots of fun...it was a great, albeit stressful, experience.
** I performed in the first reading of Stone Soup's reading series: Adam's translation of Camus' Les Justes, which Adam also directed. I played the Grand Dutchess. Who else would I play? :) It went really smoothly (despite a frantic search for a replacement actor at the last minute - the new actor we found, Jesse, was amazing), and I was very proud.
** Hot New Temp Guy Jason comes to work in my office. :) Yes, he earned a nickname that my friends actually used. 
** Cathy and Heather come to visit! They stayed for a week, and it was so fun to have them in the house! Then again, I was low on funds, and also working. I worried that I wasn't showing them the best time, but they assured me that I did. I hope so. It was Cathy's birthday trip! And hey, we got to go to a taping of Conan, so it definitely wasn't all bad. :)
 ** As Cathy and Heather exited, Alana and Rob entered! :) September was big for houseguests... We had a good time, too. I wasn't really included on many of their plans due to work and/or funds, but I was glad I got to hang out with them at least some of the time. They came to Stone Soup's game night, and on their last day, we went to the NY Leather Weekend street fair. I got to watch Alana be a puppy. A lot. :) And I got to watch Rob obsess over The Cheat. Heh. They are good people.
** I asked HNTGJ out, and he declined gracefully. But we continued having lunch together sometimes, and things weren't weird. I'm hoping that means that we can continue to be friends, even after he gets home from his tour this month. He's a really cool person.
** Went speed-dating! It was a lot of fun! More fun than I thought it would be. None of the guys panned out, but it was still a great time, and I'd love to do it again.
** a third bit of tension between me and someone with whom I'm close. As it turns out, I've been guilty of things that I didn't know I'd done wrong. Things that I would never want to do to a friend. I'm trying to change those things...and the friendship is fine. :)
** I briefly met Stephen Colbert at his book signing, and it was the best day of his life.
** Lindsay comes to live with us! She's a wonderful housemate, even if she does refuse to go to bed! ;)
** Celebrated Halloween in a witch's house with a black cat. :) Of course, I also got locked out and nearly had to climb up the side of the apartment building and climb in the window... I had two more catsitting stints for Courtney in November and December, too.
** Started seriously listening to Girlyman and realized their brilliance. Discovered a new favorite band.
 ** Christine's Wiccaween party! It was a Hogwarts themed party, and it was amazing! She throws the best parties for Halloween...I mean, Samhain. :) It was so much fun!
** Girlyman concert at Highline Ballroom. SOOOOO good. As wonderful as they sound on their CDs, they sound PHENOMENAL live. They give such a great show, and the concert solidified me as a fan. 
** Become emotionally invested in the WGA strike...and Brian K. Vaughan commends the action I'm taking via MySpace message! :)
** Live band jazz karaoke at Waltz-Astoria! Such a great time - Liz#2, Adam, KatieBoone, Randi, Lindt, Sara and I all had a great time! I sang "Mack the Knife", and unintentionally gave a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald by screwing up the words! Also sang a really fun drunken duet with Adam, "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off." Our table rocked it out! I can't wait to go again...Oh, and the host, Justin, is cute!
** Hell froze over, and I got a Facebook profile. Became addicted to applications...
** Thanksgiving at my sister's. It was a great, laid-back time...
 ** Stone Soup Gala - successful, fun event! It went really smoothly...some friends I didn't expect surprised me by coming out to support (thanks Robyn and Caroline!), and everyone seemed to have a great time. And oh drunken, drunken Adam. :)
** Stone Soup company/writer drama. Not fun, but it's forced the company to figure certain things out...I hope this is resolved soon.
** I decided to focus on my writing and drop actor-producer as hyphenates. It's still really early in this decision, but I already think it's one of the best decisions I ever made.
** Low-key Christmas weekend which involved seeing my family at my brother's great new house, celebrating Christine's birthday, visiting my dad on Christmas Eve at Parker, watching a LOT of "A Christmas Story", and hanging out with Robin, Liz, and Alex on Christmas Day watching Superbad and eating Thai food and Christmas cookies. A good day.
** got to see two great friends, Heather and Eileen, who are in from out of town!
I spent last night chilling by myself at home.  I had been invited to other stuff, but I thought that I would rather spend the evening at home with my close friends.  However, the close friends I would've invited over ended up each having separate plans, and when I thought I could hang with my housemates, one of them went to a party, and the other one was sick and went to bed really early.  I was kind of disappointed, as I spent New Year's Eve alone last year by choice, and I was kind of in the mood to be around a tight-knit group of people this year.  Ah, well.  I ended up on my stoop with a glass of wine at the stroke of midnight, and enjoyed the fact that for one brief moment, the entire block (Astoria, New York City, the state...) was united in one thought.  The New Year, and all the hope and possibility therein.  It felt nice.

Novels I read in 2007
Swann’s Way – Marcel Proust – beautifully-written, insightful book that I will never ever read again.
Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut - a thought-provoking, funny read.  I need to read more Vonnegut.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - JK Rowling - I liked this one a lot better than a lot of my friends did.  I have no problem with Angsty Harry.  He's 15, and watched a shit ton of people die, he deserves to be angsty.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - JK Rowling - a fascinating read in which I fell in love with Dumbledore.  Too bad he's gay....and fictional. 
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - JK Rowling - read it in a day and a half, and loved every word. Except the cheesy epilogue, but whaddaryagonnado?
Chronicle, Volume One - Bob Dylan - an interesting and inspiring memoir...

Everything else I've read this year was a comic book or graphic novel of some kind!  (woah)  Some recommended titles are:
Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Plain Janes, Crecy, Chicken and Plums, All-Star Superman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight
Mini-Reviews for MOVIES – 2007 (Movies I saw for the first time, not necessarily that came out in ’07)
Love and Sex - really cute. I'm a sucker for a smart romantic comedy…
An Inconvenient Truth - amazing. One of those "change your life" movies…
Stick It – really fun movie with some awesome gymnastics. I’m also a sucker for a girlie sports movie…
Black Snake Moan – really interesting movie. Great performances, and it’s completely different from the way it was advertised…
GRINDHOUSE!!! – I loved,loved,LOVED this movie. How much does it piss me off that they’re not released together on DVD along with the fake trailers???! A lot.
Hot Fuzz – not as good as Shaun of the Dead, but still pretty damn funny.
The Devil and Miss Jones - *shudders * I will never think of "fruit salad" the same way again...
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - my favorite of the HP movies! So great!
The Aristocrats - funny as all get out! And it amazes me that one joke warrants its own documentary
A Scanner Darkly - fucked with my brain. Still not sure if I liked it or not.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age - I don't care what anyone says, this was a good movie. If you're relying on movies for historical accuracy, you have problems! Go read a book! :) Cate Blanchett can do no wrong.
The Lives of Others - a brilliant movie with an even more brilliant lead performance. I can't say enough about Ulrich Muhe, and I'm sorry he's gone.
Rendition - a competent, big-budget remake of Hassan/Ali. :)
Stalag 17 - a really great Billy Wilder movie...and surprisingly funny considering the subject matter...
Fire - this movie was okay, but was kind of boring a lot of the time. It's worth watching only because of its insight into a culture with which you might not be familiar
There Will Be Blood - trumped Grindhouse as the best new movie I've seen this year. Both Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson are geniuses
Sweeney Todd - really well done musical adaptation. Lots of fun, and kind of hot. :)
 Great new TV – 2007
The Riches
The Tudors
Pushing Dasies
Theater – 2007
The Pirate Queen – liked it much more than I thought I would. It was a bit overwrought, but it wasn’t terrible. The lead actress was very talented.
Talk Radio – this Eric Bogosian play is okay, but the production was saved by Liev Schreiber’s incredible performance.
Legally Blonde – actually a lot of fun! They totally screw up the Jennifer Coolidge character and her big song is pointless, but other than that, it’s a fun, frothy, bouncy musical that does the movie justice…
Fuerza Bruta - an amazing night of theater like nothing I'd ever seen before...
Pulp - a competent production by Nosedive Productions, but their first Blood Brothers presentation was better
Quality online stuff – 2007
Alanis Morissette sings “My Humps” – YouTube – this made me have even more respect for her than I already did
Google’s April Fool’s Joke – GMail – Google Paper! :)
Will Ferrell and his daughter, Pearl, star in “The Landlord” – FunnyorDie.com - best. Online comedy video. Ever.
Sugarshock - Joss Whedon's comic on MySpace's Dark Horse page. Hilarious. And weird.
The SNL Digital Short, I Ran - you know...Jake Gyllenhaal kind of does look like the President of Iran. Sort of... :)
The One Semester of Spanish Love Song - no remembro how to say eleven... :)
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