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Teresa's 2006 Year In Review

I love inside jokes. I'd love to be part of one someday.
- Michael Scott (Steve Carell) on The Office

Well, it's that time again...time for my annual Year In Review!  For those of you who like to time-travel, feel free to read my years in review for 2005, and 2004.

 * started the year out at Liz & Alex's partying with the Gang. :) Played "What the Fuck?", and for the record, if the choices were Costa or a roll of dirty quarters, Robin would choose Costa. Heh.
* was working at D.F. King and at the TKTS booth. (ugh on both counts!)
* popped Adam's karaoke cherry at Liz#2's birthday at Albatross. Well, actually, Pepper Mills did most of the Adam-popping. :) Such a fun night!
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #1: watched Season 1 of Lost on DVD. Became OBSESSED. :)
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #2: saw "Drumstruck" with Robin. Such a great, fun show!
 * visited the Columbia University observatory for the first time - awesome...
* was so hard-up financially that I had to sublet my room to Tim while I slept on my own couch for the month. Tim ended up being really cool, though, so I didn't mind so much!
* realized how much I loved living an artist's life....working on producing in particular!
* 27th consecutive Valentine's Day without a date.
* smoked up with Adam and Liz#2 for the first time....I can't pick my head up off the floor!  :)
* BLIZZARD! Having a random stranger help me shove Adam into a snow drift in Astoria Park is satisfying in ways I can't even begin to explain.
* I become a fake celebrity when this very journal warrants a mention on Gawker
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #3: saw "The Triplets of Belleville" screened at MoMA, which I enjoyed muchly!
 * started working for Merle again, "temporarily"
* began actively considering my spiritual life, and what the possibilities are for me outside of Catholicism and Christianity in general - am still exploring...
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #4: saw "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days" with Liz#2 - amazing, thought-provoking movie.
* Liz's birthday at Culture Club. I freaking hate Culture Club. But I love Liz, so it's OK. :)
* first met whassisface at a Community DISH meeting. Crush ensues. ;)
* Stone Soup St. Patrick's Day Fundraiser - sure, I had to go to a strip club to get free beer...in the end, it was all worth it!
* fight with Liz over Talentless Hack - we got over it, and ourselves. :)
* weird, nothing fight #1 - incident at Jean's party & aftermath.  Again, got over it. :)
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #5: started watching "The Boondocks", which is brilliant! Where the hell did it go?????
* met essepoesisfor the first time when she came to visit - she's so awesome! 
* tried to plan a surprise party for Adam's birthday that ended up not being a surprise and that I ended up not even being able to go to, because...
* my mother passed away. RIP Mariana Hernandez Jusino - September 21st, 1935-April 5th, 2006. This event defines the rest of my year (and in some ways will define the rest of my life). I was glad we could all be there when it happened. Sing-songy priest almost made me burst out laughing at my mother's burial...but I think she would've laughed, too, or said something inappropriate had she been there to hear him! :) I have amazing, wonderful, thoughtful friends. I definitely believe in an afterlife after a very real supernatural experience I had the night my mother died.
* began babysitting Lily, a wonderful little girl! And I don't think the fact that a child I'd be responsible for coming into my life at the exact moment that I lost my own mother was an accident. Being able to throw myself into taking care of an innocent little person in a semi-motherly capacity was exactly what I needed to begin the healing process.

* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #6: saw "Thank You For Smoking" with Liz#2, and Evan. Smart, funny movie, and debate has never been this sexy. 
* Katie and Aaron get engaged! (and I am now a bridesmaid!) :)
* dabble as an e-mail dominatrix for a couple of weeks. Actually get paid $100. So, technically, I've been a sex worker. Sort of. Oh, Stewart, where have you gone? :)
* Puerto Rico's government is shut down due to their lack of consensus about a budget. Jigga-que???
* become obsessed with the Lost ARG.....what?! :)
* PENETRALIA - Stone Soup's fifth original play. I brought Adam into the Stone Soup fold to wonderful effect - he, Randy, Josh, and Stephanie wrote a wonderful, whimsical play. Truth be told, at first I wasn't thrilled about playing the Town Crier...but after rehearsing her a while, I fell in love with her and found depths to her that even the writers didn't expect. A great, fun production. Except for Craig. Sheesh.
* "weird, nothing fight #2" - after a cast party caused by pot and "confusion."
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #7: saw "Capote" on DVD with Adam. Great movie about a great writer - so inspiring!
* began seeing a therapist, Ann, who is really wonderful and whom I've been seeing on and off since
* finally STOPPED WORKING FOR MERLE ONCE AND FOR ALL! Start working at the children's party company. Love the kids, but from the beginning, the company was shoddily run...
* Robin gets her Master's Degree! I'm so proud of that one! :)

* Joanna graduates from college!  Later, she gets into a really competitive master's program on her way to becoming a teacher.  She's going to have a room full of really lucky students someday!  :)
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #8: saw Nosedive Productions' "The Adventures of Nervous-Boy" with Stone Soupers. Really interesting, relevant, smart play.
* meet Sarah Jane, who replaces me at Merle's. We become fast friends. :)
* TRIP #1: Chicago. Went to visit Alana, and it was my first real trip to the city (other than when I performed "Babes in Toyland" there in 2003). Really liked the city very much, but didn't love it. What I did love was getting to know Alana better, as well as meeting her really cool roommate, Andie, and her awesome boyfriend, Rob. Had a great time - and Alana's the kind of person who gives you a hug every night before bed. Who does that?! Awesome people like Alana, that's who. :)
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #9: saw the Public Theater production of MacBeth, starring Liev Schreiber and Jennifer Ehle - first with Adam, then again with Leigh. Liev Schreiber doing Shakespeare is liquid sex.
* Robin's b-day BBQ - great party until "weird, nothing fight #3". Lord.  And I ripped my jeans while riding my bike home, goddammit!
* Kris Bag-o-douche skips out leaving me high and dry for rent for August. 
* Dan & Carolyn - really cool couple! - move into the basement and sublet for the month, thereby relieving my Kris problem
* Robin starts seeing Ben, one of the coolest people ever. :) Seriously, though, he's the male version of me. 
* my 27th birthday! :)
* began a month-long stint as house manager at the Bowerie Lane Theater
* Maria#2 moves into the house with her cat, Felicia! :) Love her!
* ASTORIA BLACKOUT! Fuck Con Edison. It lasts 4 days!
*  Alana and Lindsay#2 come to visit during the blackout, poor babies! Always glad to see them, though. However, during this visit, I realized very clearly what I can take, and what I can't take. My birthday party when they were in town, while fun, also consisted of some drama - not all of it mine.
* TRIP #2: Asheville, NC. Robin and I road trip to Robyn's house in Asheville, and we spend a long weekend there to catch the Bele Chere Festival. While I had a good time - and Mellow Mushroom has the best pretzels EVER! - I felt like a wet blanket a lot of the time. What cheered me up immensely, though, was downtown Asheville. Such a great town! Lots of galleries, artsy-type people, and a drum circle on every corner...I'd love to go back....
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #10: saw "The Warriors" for the first time at a screening at Asser Levy Park in Coney Island with Adam. Surprisingly, it was actually a really good movie! Not just campy....though there was plenty of camp to be had. Oh, and then after the movie, there was the random dude who said that Adam and I looked like we were from Ohio. Uh, OK. :)
* signed with my temp agency and started working at my current job selling spots at TV industry trade shows.  Decided to put acting on the backburner and use this job as a way to save for my UPCOMING TRIP TO FRANCE, as well as concentrate on my writing and producing...
* TRIP #3: Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Went to the West Coast with Heather to help her out at Roddenberry Productions and work their table at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention!!! It was so much fun, and Heather and I got so much closer.  However, LA did nothing for me. BUT once we were at the convention, I had a blast. Not only did I have a great time communing with my fellow Trek Enthusiasts (OK...."Trekkies!"), but Heather and I and the other ladies working the table - Rachel and Laura were awesome! - got to live like rock stars for 5 days. Riding around in limos, going out to dinner at ridiculously priced establishments....minor crush on Trevor (a married man with a baby), and his flirtatious, sexually-charged rapport with me didn't help. He's a great guy, though, and I hope he'll become a friend. Met Rod and Majel Roddenberry, which was really awesome...and I got to put an awestruck, flustered Adam on the phone with Majel.
* started the 7-month plan. Didn't finish. But that's not entirely a bad thing...
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #11: saw the Public Theater production of Mother Courage and Her Children - starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline - with Adam.  Meryl Streep is a genius...but it isn't until I see her on stage (like when I saw her in The Seagull a few years ago) that I truly understand why
* Went to CBGBs with Adam and Liz#2 one more time before it closed. Punk is so emo now...but it was still a good night. Even though I left my I.D. at home and couldn't drink. Sheesh. 
* "weird, nothing fight #4" after a night out with Adam, Liz#2, Evan, Randi, Amanda and her friend. The margaritas were good, but the end of the night wasn't so much. However, things were resolved the next morning after some "mood swing dancing." ;)
ginsbergmoves into the house! (Yay!) Adam, Liz#2 and I had our last Short Story Night for a while...

* Jean finds out she's pregnant!!!!  :)  Woo hoo!  And later, I am the ONLY ONE OUT OF ALL OUR FRIENDS who correctly predicts that the baby is going to be a little Charlotte!  *does omniscient victory dance*  All I'm sayin' is that kid better not grow a peen between now and May... 

* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #12: saw "Little Miss Sunshine" with Robin, Ben, Jean, and Liz. Such a great movie! Best end-of-movie dance sequence, EVER! :)
* saw Merle's true colors. I'm SO glad I don't work for her anymore...
* did that "out of character" thing. That thing that was one of many things that I've done this year that have helped me define who I am and how I feel about things.
* the Mets win the National League Division Title!!!
* Liz#2 begins dating Anna, adding a great new member to the house cast of characters...
* First "Mom's Birthday" without Mom. :(
* I stop babysitting Lily regularly....she is now 6 years old and wants to take the school bus to school! :)
* After spending most of this month in Michigan with his family, Adam spends one last night in the house and leaves for his teaching job in France. Adam, get your plane right on time...addressed the "weird, nothing fights", and they are erased and in the past.
* hung out with Vanessa for the first time in AGES! :) We have to do that again soon...
* Luiza's birthday party....oh, man! The drunken, sexually-charged shenanigans that ensued...good fucking times.
* asked Peter out. Dee-nied. :) Oh, well. He's becoming a friend, which is pretty damn cool, too. 
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #13: read "Henry and June." I never thought in a million years that I would have anything in common with Anais Nin, but I do.
* asked out a cute magician, and he disappeared. :) Oh, well. (again)
* visited my mother's grave for the first time since her burial. Kenny then decided to lay some deep dark family secrets on me, defining the rest of my year (my life!). 
* the stage seemed set for a Mets/Tigers World Series showdown, and a Transatlantic fight between me and Adam....alas, it was not to be. RIP Mets 2006.
* Christine's Halloween Party! Such a great night - that girl knows how to throw a shindig...and I love how she shares her wiccan rituals with us. It seems like she's come into my life at the exact moment when I need to look at the world through different lenses...
* NANOWRIMO-A-THON to benefit Hassan/Ali - made a little something and wrote just over 10,000 words....not too bad an effort, although it wasn't an amazing one...
* THE DEMOCRATS WIN THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE! The times they are a-changin'....I hope.
* I prove myself a hustler in a flirty dress as I beat two butches at pool when out with Liz#2 and Luiza. It was a fun, late night otherwise, too, but that was the main highlight. Especially when the woman who actually was a pool hustler had to take her jacket off in a moment of anger because I was actually *gasp* making shots! Heh.
* Marlena's (my cousin, Justin's fiancee) bridal shower. So strange that my youngest cousin is getting married....and before me! :) But I'm happy for him....and this event made me want to focus on keeping in better touch with my family.
* Thanksgiving at Janette's house. A nice, if very low-key, time. Best line from Caroline as she pokes me in the arm: where's the fun button on this thing?! :) She's inherited my sense of sarcasm. I LOVE it!
* the Model UN Reunion! A fun, wonderful, very surreal evening! Got to see Nermine, Chereece, and Victor from my graduating class. Caught up with some folks in other classes I haven't seen since high school, and had a great time. It seems like everyone's a lawyer except me though....and that's fine. I don't mind being the splash of color in a black and white room! :)
* OFFICIALLY PURCHASED MY TICKET FOR FRANCE! 2007 will begin with a month-long trip to France and Spain! Not a bad way to start the year! 
* CULTURAL EXPERIENCE OF NOTE #14: saw "Shortbus" with Liz#2. It was exactly the movie I needed to see at this point in my life. So wonderful! Liz#2 and I bounced out of the theater as if we had just taken drugs...but we were just high on life!
* took on producing a low-budget musical written and directed by smile_dustilycalled "Emergency Contraception: The Musical!" Look for it in 2007!
* Stone Soup's "TO THE NINES" fundraiser went swimmingly! Such a success - and I'm so glad that our fundraisers are taking this upscale, classy turn. :)

* I join "write_company", an LJ writing community moderated by the lovely ashktathat I think will honestly change the way I work on my writing.
* Sophie and George in a magical cab....writing this story makes me so happy!
* am leaning toward quitting the children's party company....TBD
* I changed the name of this journal in a grand gesture to express my greater faith in myself... :) "Portrait of the Artist" is born!
* I still have my temp job after I get back from France....AND they're considering offering me a permanent position after the next trade show in April. I will decline it, most likely, but it's nice to have it offered.
* house Christmas party with Adam and Lindsay#2 as they spend the night before traveling to MI for the holidays the next day. It was so glad to have them home again, even if only for one night. It was a great time....and I am now the proud owner of She-Ra, Princess Of Power Season One on DVD! :)
* first Christmas after Mom's passing....kind of depressing and blah and it felt like we were all going through the motions. Dad brought his friend, Gina, and as much as I like her I couldn't shake the feeling that she was intruding on family time. Not very Christian of me, I know.
*Robyn (with a "Y"!) moves into my house, and will sublet my room as I venture off on my first big trip of 2007! Attention, France! Je viens!

This past year has been a whirlwind for me - lots of it not so fun, but there were also plenty of good bits.  I have to say a special THANK YOU to all my family and friends, who made the good bits possible.  Here's to the good bits outnumbering the bad bits next year.  Here's to a wonderful, inspiring, happy and healthy 2007 for myself, and everyone reading this!  :)  

Happy New Year.
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